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Training resources

Design Kit: The Facilitator’s Guide
A guide for experienced facilitators to run a one-day workshop for newcomers to the approach.

Design Kit: The Course for Human-Centered Design
A free 9-week online course (4 hours per week) run by and Acumen Fund.

Make Me a Change Agent: A Multisectoral SBC Resource for Community Workers and Field Staff
The TOPS Program, FSN Network and CORE Group, 2015
Provides session plans and materials for training sessions to build the skills of community-level workers, so that they can be more effective behaviour change promoters in their communities. The lessons cover generic skills, such as communication and storytelling, that can help a development worker in any sector become more effective as an agent of behaviour change. Also available in French and Spanish.

Social and Behavior Change Communication (SBCC) for Frontline Health Care Workers
C-Change, USAID, 2012
A facilitator’s guide and participant handout packet with worksheets to run a training programme for field workers on the C-Change methodology – generally appropriate for health communication.

Pathways to Change game and Pathways to Change Moderator’s Handbook
Pathfinders International, 2010
A low-literacy game that uses simple symbols to represent the factors at the personal, social, and environmental levels that make it harder or easier for someone to make a change in behaviour. Also in French.

Health Communication for Managers
Global Health eLearning Center
A 3-hour online course that aims to increase the learner’s understanding of the basic principles of health communication. It also includes tips for managing health communication projects, guidance on how to determine quality of interventions and materials, and links to evidence of the effectiveness of interventions.

Social and Behavior Change for Nutrition
Global Health eLearning Center
A 2-hour online course that aims to demystify SBC design as well as share useful SBC-related resources. For people who have already taken the Health Communication for Managers course who want to focus on nutrition behaviours.

Mobilizing Communities for Improved Nutrition: A Manual for Training Community Leaders
USAID IYCN Project, 2011
A training manual and a training guide with instructions for facilitating a one-day workshop with community leaders (e.g., community, religious, and business leaders and government officials) to support and improve children’s health and well-being through improved infant and young child feeding and maternal dietary practices. The manual and guide should be used together.

Strengthening Health Talks Training Manual
USAID IYCN Project, 2011
Provides step-by-step instructions for facilitating a half-day workshop with health workers or community workers to improve the quality of group counselling sessions and health talks. Also available in Portuguese.